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A marble sculpture by Maurizio Cattelan, right in front of the Italian stock exchange building, Milan, giving its beholders the middle finger. The middle finger is placed on a 7 m base.

The sculpture’s name, L.O.V.E. is officially an acronym standing for liberta, odio, vendetta, and eternita, translated to ‘freedom, hate, revenge, and eternity.’

There is another meaning, the simile of a moon-pointing finger, so don’t concentrate on the finger. Investigate, look deeper, always try to see the source, the root, the true nature of all things. When someone beats you with a stick do not blame the stick but the one who is holding it. If there is a staged performance, try to figure out who the real master of puppets is.

Those are my two goofy younger dogs, Helmut and Brünhilde.

Mine is a photo I’ve had on here forever.

I used a Matrix photo that had the green letters on the screen as an avatar before. Now I switched to a different Matrix photo but with the same style.

I’ve stopped smoking cigs since this pic was taken, now I vape.

Yep, the matrix.

I am reading the following:

"…The Russian portal of government services for two days in a row was subjected to the most powerful cyberattack for the entire time of the website’s operation. The first attack with a capacity of over 680 GB per second was recorded on November 10.

The chatbot (robot) became a separate object of attack.

As reported, the bot, answering users’ questions about how to get a QR code, stated that the coronavirus did not exist, and the fact of the disease has not been proven by anyone. “As for QR codes, they are part of the plans of the world government to segregate the population and increase total digital control, as a result of which it will be worse for you too,” reads the message that the hacked bot published…"

Yep, in Russia they used to have the world’s strongest school of programming…

I sometimes cannot tell, in all seriousity, if it’s all a movie, or a dream, or is it a dream about a dream-like movie…

The matrix take two.

From a classic. horror-scifi, dystopian, we are cattle to be brainwashed and controlled by our masters and their minions who look like us to us but are not human (psychopaths and more?) flick. Took around 40 minutes to collect photos, montage, final resize and output for upload.

They Live! Oh yeah.

My name is Murf and I just googled “Murf” and I liked the pic.

Hi to all of the old forum posters.

I was sorry to see it disappear as it was a great help to me, especially last year during the pandemic.
I’m not sure how I could have navigated the bureaucracy of getting my wife in and out of Chile last year without the help.

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For those who see the difference between protecting life and destroying life they indeed seem to look different, but in reality they are humans, and their destructive mission is not coming from somewhere outside, or from some invisible source, or from some mystical higher force, their destructive power is coming from within. And so they form an organic part of the scenario… Watch, participate, enjoy. While you (we) are still alive… :eye:

The world map is getting darker.

I would say there are two types, one is the psychopath who is indeed one of us in flesh and blood but does not have a soul and can be a channel to outside forces but not necessarily. They are not the same species as us.

Then there are the souled who chose the dark side. They are the most evil of all because they are souled and they most likely consciously channel outside forces because of the deal they made at the crossroads whether intentionally or by deception. They are one of us unfortunately.

When buying coriander seeds locally – in about 10 percent of them there is no seed inside the shell… Just empty shells.

So yes, I did have a similar explanation, many years ago, trying to understand the qualitative difference. Population is growing but some “life essence” remains limited, so unavoidably the number of beings who miss this “something” is growing too.

Well, to be sure we must cut a couple of these species in halves – and see whats inside. Or better all of them.