SOooo Chile...real story

So where we live there is a minigolf place that we have driven by a zillion times and never went in for. Inspite of living here with kids that are under 8 for many yeara. Its so us to procrastinate forever and then suddenly it happens.

Had a scheduled power cut so we figured wed go and do golf.
Its Thursday morning we show up at said minigolf around noon and there is a huge truck with yacht blocking the entrance in tow hitch mode. The driver is killing time with his long load. Im in car with fam of 4. I point to the gate and the guy with the yacht dutifully moves up 80 feet to expose the minigolf gate.

We drive right up to the locked/chained gate (that we can see now) and begin to see the hours listed and realise with horrifying precision that we have come on a day they are not open in either high or low season.

The homey with the yacht is still there and I am feeling awkward…lame for even asking yacht man to move.

I see a guy in the minigolf who seems to be looking at us from deep within with a look of frustration. Im thinking its the gardner or something who is pissed that these dumb gringos are parked at the gate on a day they are not even supposed to be open!
I dont know what to do. Yachtman is watching me. My girls are on the verge of frustrated tears. No luz at the house. Im stuck like chuck.

Then the gardner is coming and I am thinking he is coming to see what evil we are up to. Snooping around. Probably going to chase the gringo weons away.
My kids are excited that the spanish man is coming. Im freshly panicking trying to figure out how to reverse out of there before the gardner gets to us. Yachtman is still there.
Gardner gets to me. I say “cerrado si si ok ok” thinking ima going ima going…but his response doesnt match like he is saying its ok to come in. Im like wait wuh?
Huh? He beckons us in and im like no way!
Thats not the gardner and they are opening for us? Just us? On a day they are not even supposed to be open?

My 1 daughter says, “Sigh…I love cheelay”.

Soooooo chile!!!


You made the guy’s day as he probably pocketed the fee that would normally go to the owner.

So the gringo weones and the gardener weon have their day’s made thanks to each other and the weon owner is none the wiser…soooo Chile indeed!

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Yeah, I was thinking that he probably kept the money. A win-win! It’s nice your kids got to play golf.

I had a similar experience with a vet here in town. It was Sunday and I needed to take my cat in for an eye problem. The first place we went to ended up being appointment only. My husband had dropped me off and gone to the supermarket, so I decided to walk a few blocks to another place that used to be open on Sundays. It was closed, so I called my husband to tell him I was in front the other clinic so he could come get me. It turns out that the vet who owns the place was there to do a special procedure on a dog. She heard the cat howling in her carrier and opened the door to see what was up. Anyways, she offered to take a look at the cat’s eye, and it turned out she had a scratched cornea. I was able to buy the drops to start her treatment right away.

It saved us a trip to the Buin Zoo clinic, which is more expensive.

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