Solar security camera , cloud storage, remote (international ) 24/7 viewing, good value and tech support

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A friend of mine in Canada has a Lorex system and he can view his rental property 24/7 from another province via the internet for live viewing up to a week’s worth of replayable cloud storage. Also he gets excellent human tech support

Is there a similar, reliable, well warrantied , solar powered surveillance camera set available in Chile where the camera records up to a week loop with cloud storage and where the property can be remotely viewed 24/7 from Canada? Sadly Lorex does not include Chile in the countries they sell and service in.

Found some cameras that specify only 2.4 gz… is that applicable to the wifi in Chile? I am not a techie.

Not a solar solution. But, UniFi Camera Security - Ubiquiti has an extensive selection of cameras that you can use. You purchase the cameras, appliance (Hard Drive, and NVR), have it installed on site and you can get access over the internet.

The best thing is that there is no monthly fee, you own your data and the “cloud” service is just a portal to see your cameras from anywhere. Hope it helps!

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Thanks chalksquire, I really appreciate your info. It sounds like a good system but sadly, too easily disabled by shutting the power off. But, maybe… if one camera was trained on the breaker box…

Correct, they work via Power-over-Ethernet (POE). Your suggestion sounds like a good idea. I know you are in chilito so. Using Armored ethernet and/or running the cable through a steel conduit, and not exposing it. Camera G5 Dome Ultra - Ubiquiti Store

The beauty of POE is that it is easy to install, how you protect the connection is up to you. It just requires your switch to be up and running to deliver power. You can also connect the switch to a UPS APC Back-UPS ES 550VA, 120V, 8 NEMA outlets (4 surge) - BE550G | APC USA
for maximum up-time. I hope this helps!

Can one even transport such an APC UPS via air?

WiFi solar-powered cameras are Chinese consumer toys, you won’t see them in any serious installation.

As chalksquire says, PoE is the only way to go, but it requires a lot more effort than just sticking up a wifi camera.

And being Chile, cameras are liable to get stolen.

If you google monitoreo videovigilancia you can find Chilean companies that offer this type of service

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very informative chalksquire, thank you!

thanks feargle, will go there

good question eeuu

One reason why wifi cameras are a no-no (there are others):

To better protect your home, the sheriff said to use alarms on every floor of your home.

Hardwire, hardwire, hardwire,” he said. “Cause you’ll see, jammers, they jam wireless signals.”

He said the burglars can jam wireless signals from cameras, alarms, and phones. They are also stealing heavy safes. So Bouchard suggests bolting down safes or using a safety deposit box for things you don’t need every day or are family heirlooms.

“Nature abhors a vacuum”. One was created by the security cameras, momentarily stopping thieves. But good thieves are artists at their job and they have found a creative way to fill that non-thievery vacuum. Thanks for the news.

I really don’t have anything worth stealing, it is mostly to keep an eye on the animals… and worker. Sadly I have learned they will exploit any situation where they can make a small profit, even though they are well paid. I think it is part of the Chilean culture, to steal when the opportunity presents itself. I suspect the last worker was taking bales of hay from the horse barn and selling them when I was in NA. ,

That is terrible…what a scumbag to steal not just from you but the animals!

They tell me the horses ate it all and know I will buy more immediately. When I am there, it doesn’t happen. Only when I have to return to Canada for 6 months. That’s why I want the camera system.

I discovered last year they were stealing money. I would return from shopping and put the money in a bowl in the cupboard. I sensed money was disappearing so I got a small portable spy cam. Sure enough, when I went for my morning walk I saw the male part of the couple taking a few bills out. At first when I confronted him, he lied and said I probably made an error counting it. Or “forgot” the exact amount. But I showed him the video.

I threatened to fire him unless he apologized and promised never to steal again. I said I was giving him a second chance because someone once gave me a second chance. He wept, I wept. It was emotional be cause I really like him and his wife. Most importantly, they really do care for the animals.

But trusting again has been difficult. I tried to look at it through their eyes. I didn’t “repect” my money enough to look after it so I did not deserve it. And they deserved it because they needed it more than I did. If I had “respected” the money, I would have hidden it, not left it in the cupboard for all to see. I really think this is part of the Chilean psyche. If you don’t “respect” your stuff enough to keep an eye on it, hide your valuables, they will respect it more after they take it from you.

If it weren’t for the way they treat the animals, I would have fired them. The previous caretakers want to return. They never stole but I didn’t get the same feeling of compassion for the animals as I get from the present couple.

The horses never went hungry. I would send the money immediatly for more hay but I can see, in my mind’s eye, him loading 20 bales of alfalfa in the truck and selling it in town, thinking to himself “She will not miss the money to buy 20 more bales, but to me, that is a weeks pay as a day worker in the vineyards” and from his point of view it makes perfect sense. I think stealing from the gringos is almost a national Chilean hobby, a way to vent their frustration. Petty theft is better than kids shooting other children in schools and deranged men shooting into crowds…

I am so sorry! If we could we would offer to take over from these punk ass trifling chileans robbing you and the animals. It makes us so mad that they are doing this! No animals deserve this let alone the people taking care of them! Seriously it enrages us that they would do this. MAY GOD have vengeance against those that would steal from the voiceless!!

Ho hum. Theft is endemic here, although poverty or inequality is often used to justify it. Anything is fair game, like this individual who stole a wheelchair from a handicapped person.

Or this blind salesman who had his merchandise stolen.


Obviously it is not just gringos they are targeting. I am sure in every culture there is a portion who will steal, if given the opportunity. I think the rate of opportunity-based thieves may be higher per capita here than in other countries I have visited or lived in… Uruguay, Mexico, Italy, Canada and the US… Was never robbed in any of them except Chile. One year, my backpack with laptop and camera (took my eyes off it for 5 seconds in a bus terminal) and then with the worker as described. This is over the course of 12 years.

Does anyone else concur? I have only visited or lived in 5 other countries so not really in a position to do more than speculate and certainy don’t want to cast aspersions. I love Chileans and their family-oriented culture. It is why I chose Chile over all the others…