Santiasco: that Most Contaminated City

It looks as though some of the media are back to looking at Santiasco in that light, whether it’s technically true or otherwise (there are so many candidates in Chile, including Coyhaique). But los que saben saben– atmospheric filth is no stranger to the basin. This message brought to you not as Schadenfreude but as a public service for those foolish enough to consider living there.


Those who have the means to read the Spanish-chilensis article, here:

The graphic cites some sources


I had to buy a giant air filter for the house. Works wonders! Best investment I have ever made. Sad, really.

Do be kind and tell the gallery the details of your Giant Air Filter©.

Personally, I have a MouvAir filter unit for the considerable Patagonian dust, but that is a different story. There was a sale at and I will plug them here since they have supplied a lot of good stuff for the house and at good sale prices. I have purchased things from them with better prices than even Amazon in the US could match. They are evidently into the drop-ship model and the savings that can be had there.

For Santiasco air I have found that an earlier generation M40 mask with a fresh Nuclear-Biological-Chemical (NBC) filter is often satisfactory.

¿Primera Línea?

No cacho que querís decir con “primera linea.”

I might look into that. Here our main air issue is dust.

You can see the locally available air purifiers here. Although I am fine with the “white noise” of mine, these also have low-noise night sleeping mode.

From time to time these are available from kitchencenter for discounts. And yes, they have HEPA filtration. Mine came with a spare filter. The units appear to be well made.


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Thanks for the link.