Nicanor Parra's opinion on Pino

This came out a decade ago, but many still have never read or heard it. So not all Chile “artists” are blind ideologues who cannot think.

In tribute to Mikieo and his previous house on Play Chica, Las Cruces with its direct view of the house and tomb of Nicanor who lived a long and interesting life.

La opinión de Nicanor Parra sobre Pinochet

“Por una parte es un salvador, si no fuera por Pinochet estaríamos como Cuba. Eso es un hecho. Pero enseguida las atrocidades que se cometieron. Uno quisiera un salvador sin atrocidades. ¿Cómo junta uno las dos cosas? La atrocidad con una operación de salvataje. Si uno quiere pensar en grande la cosa, no hay tal salvador. Un salvador a corto plazo ¿para qué? Un mecanismo que se llama consumismo, pan para hoy y hambre para mañana”.


Nicanor Parra’s opinion on Pinochet

“On the one hand he is a savior, if it were not for Pinochet we would be like Cuba. That is a fact. But then the atrocities that were committed. One would like a savior without atrocities. How does one put the two things together? The atrocity with a rescue operation. If one wants to think big, there is no such savior. A short-term savior for what? A mechanism called consumerism, bread for today and hunger for tomorrow”.