Las cuentas secretas de la política chilena con repercusiones en Estados Unidos (incluye las conexiones de Alex Saab)

Well, perhaps one positive thing finally did come out of the US “Patriot Act”.

In Brasil, this anecdotal phrase was apparently employed by an electoral candidate: “Roba, pero hace” (He steals, but at least gets things done)

Corruption has always been endemic in Latino countries. But Chile, with pretensions to being regarded as an “advanced economy” has steadfastly projected an image of public integrity over the years while assiduously sweeping scandal under the carpet.

It may be considered unfair to single out Chile as there are much worse examples of widespread corruption, but its the intellectual dishonesty of the Chilean attitude that gets me. During the last couple of years, some truth has filtered out to those capable of seeing past the progressive bs that dominates the western media.

It may not be coincidence that this dirt has been dished immediately prior to the elections and in the midst of efforts to unseat Piñera for financial wrongdoing - but as Bachelet discovered, attacking the corruption of political enemies is a two-edged sword.