Mosciatti's last message before tomorrow's elections

There are very few serious independent Chilean political analyses available these days, which is why I always pay attention to what Tomás Mosciatti has to say. Over the years, he has lambasted successive governments irrespective of their political colour, and doesn’t appear to have any hidden agenda.

In this post, he dispassionately lays out the consequences of electing either Boric or Kast, tentatively selecting Boric as the eventual winner.

This is Chilean comment, coming from a reporter (and lawyer) intimately familiar with the seamy underside of local politics, not some “woke” expat stringer for the foreign media with a progressive axe to grind.

I believe he is convinced that the estallido social was a genuine manifestation of popular discontent, and while I agree that serious reform is needed, my diagnosis is that the proposed cure, administered by Boric and Teillier, will be worse than the illness. But whatever, follow the commentary if you can, then make your own mind up.