Minimum salary leaping upwards

Well, now there’s an attempt to obligate businesses to hire workers under the age of 28.

El proyecto impulsado por diputados del oficialismo busca que en las empresas de 100 o más trabajadores, al menos el 10% de su planilla corresponda a personas entre los 18 y los 28 años y que no cuenten con experiencia laboral previa, ya sea que cuenten o no con estudios técnicos o profesionales.

The wokest of the woke; full of years of indoctrination; military age, full of energy, hormones, and Narnia idealism going directly into the evil capitalist world of medium-sized private enterprise. Checkmate for the private sector as CUT (with an auto 10% penetration) directs them to take all or destroy all.

The sci-fi horror novel continues: then a Maoist revolution and purge of anyone to the right of Marx follows disrupting the entire hemisphere as normal Chileans flee the violence and the psychopath and sociopath leaders and their rabid followers hunting them down. :imp: :upside_down_face: