Jose Luis Daza's succinct analysis

Here’s a succinct analysis from Jose Luis Daza. He hits the nail on the head of what bad economic policies that, of course, permeate all aspects of chilean society.

Google Translate:

"I perceive in Chile enormous anxiety to reach agreements on reforms. I think it is the result of good intentions and a bad diagnosis of the causes of the current situation.

Chile is not bad for lack of agreements. It is wrong for lousy agreements reached in recent decades

The economic stagnation, bad pensions, educational crisis, unemployment are precisely due to the fact that they agreed to some very bad reforms

They agreed to lousy tax reforms. They raised taxes, discouraged investment and reduced growth

The disastrous agreements on labor reforms destroyed the labor market, killing job creation, increasing unemployment and leading to 30% informality

Both are important causes of the poor pensions of many retirees

The moment requires politicians who seek agreements that will solve problems but who have the courage to say NO to the bad reforms that this government has proposed

The first term of politicians should be similar to the Hippocratic oath of doctors: do no harm

We must try to help the government in all possible areas and reach agreements on reforms out of conviction that they will solve problems, not out of fear

The country requires reforms to grow again, generate employment, generate social mobility, improve health, pensions, and education. Let’s not sink further with bad reforms"