Interesting... Socialist Party politico wants to increase time before extranjeros with PD can vote

The right usually sees the extranjero vote as a possible leftist block but perhaps it is actually the opposite and a potentially populist right block and the left wants to thwart it by making it 10 years before a PD extranjero can vote.

Come to think about it, any extranjero that LEGALLY immigrated, followed the rules, did not engage in criminal activity and hung around for five years after obtaining PD and the long process it took to get it, knows how Chile USED TO BE and would be inclined to support the populist right over the establishment right, center and left and definitely not the far left.

AHA, my line of thought confirmed:

And this:

It is the mid, low and working classes that are the bulk support for the Republican movement not the never have worked woke well-to-do spoiled kids living in Ñuñoa, Las Condes, etc. who make up the bulk of Burric’s 20ish percent.

I also read somewhere that the longer-term immigrants are in favour of restricting immigration. Reasons? Unwanted job competition from newer arrivals and a dislike of the increased criminality that these more recent arrivals have brought.
So they probably will vote accordingly…