In grave breach of protocol, Chile’s president refuses credentials of Israeli

He clearly thinks the same way as his buddy Jadue.

I assume they had nothing to say about suicide bombers from Hamas and rockets flying in from Lebanon and Gaza or the fact that Jews are unable to pray at their holiest site?

A trip, moreover, paid for by Chilean taxpayers.

El Merluzo finally did, belatedly, arrange to accept the Israeli ambassador and his credentials. In the news the encounter was made to appear as though the players were kissing up and now to play nice. But that doesn’t excuse Boric’s characteristically bad behaviour.

On that point we see in the latest CADEM poll that Boric’s approval is still in the bait-bucket: disapproval running at 59%, and only 35% in approval, about the same percentage as the number of perennial Allendistas in the country. .

At the risk of being thrown off the island, we might mention a couple of factors.

One is that Israeli tourists too often find themselves on the shite-list in Boric’s XII Región, and have gained a rather negative reputation there as in some other parts of the country. The massive 2011 wildfire that destroyed so much of the Torres del Paine national park was the handiwork of an Israeli who admittedly ignored the park rules on fires. Since that event, a number of other Israelis have been caught in the park with similar crimes, and thrown out of the park and out of the country. There was a short time in which some businesses in Puerto Natales sported signs indicating that Israelis were unwelcome. The events have been covered in the regional media, including La Prensa Austral.

Perhaps more significantly, Chile has a rather large Palestinian community, a predominantly Christian community. No doubt Boric saw votes in playing to that sector but his personal feelings of antagonism towards Israel are legend, and figure in the political leanings of his coalition.

Not meant to be a rant, but rather a perspective. I now return you to your regular programme.