How's Everyone Handling the Rain?

Here, we are cut off from town. The two underpasses below the train line are full of water. The wheelbarrow in the yard is full, showing how much rain we’ve gotten, and the yard is a lake. At least, we bought groceries and cat food yesterday. And eeuu will be happy to know we have provisions of wine and beer :joy: .

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I did not give my usual aviso to stock up assuming that most know the drill by now.

But the booz part, yeah glad that was not forgotten.

¡Viva La Niña!

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Seen some houses surrounded by water…very bad news.

Rivers and lakes rose higher than I have seen pretty much ever. The levels dropped down significantly over the last week with nice break from the worst of the rain, but sopping heavy bucketful rain has def started again and forecast has it to be continous next 5 days. :grimacing: