Flooding, again

Perhaps a few first-person reports from our listeners would be in order, for those distant but interested, concerning the usual sorts of flooding and damages from long-predicted El Niño weather fronts that put an end to the long droughts. Reminders of the unwillingness of authorities to take the measures necessary for flood control and protection of drinking water supplies.

News item: Aguas Andinas, responsible for potable water supplies in the RM, has suspended water service to 34 comunas in the region.

News item: “Flooding reveals Chile repeats old mistakes”

Two known dead, four disappeared, 13,200 forced from homes.

Or some media images.

Near Concepción

Near Rancagua

San Fernando, south of Santiasco

At least this bridge wasn’t built upside-down, as in Valdivia. Image appears to be collapse on the Panamerican highway.


No real issues in the foothills of r9.

I did wonder when a guy told me a couple months ago “we are in for a long winter”. I thought why would he think that but later figured it was related to the el nino year or something.

Well then last week it rained so hard for so many days that the rivers were visibily higher and then even higher.

Ive got a little tiny flooding coming into one of the unattached bodegas…im thinking something filled up with rain water and somehow coming in from the ground. Even though it hasnt rained in a few days its still coming up a bit. Every day i gotta squeegee it off the slab in the bodega. Its maybe a quart or half quart of water coming im over 24 hrs and its spread out on the slab only barely…hoping it drains off and stops. If rain comes back heavy for a week again i may need to buy a sump pump.

The worst flooding I’ve experienced here was in La Reina in 2005. Our current neighborhood is relatively new construction, so it actually has drainage. When we had to go to the supermarket on Friday when it was still raining, we went up to Alto Jahuel, not downtown Buin because sometimes the underpass below the train tracks floods. So, I’m not sure how bad it was this time. The Acceso Sur underpass was just fine, fortunately. On Saturday, we passed over the Maipo River. I’ve never seen the water level so high before.