From Light to Darkness

Was trying to find a traditional light bulb today here in Valpo, and there was absolutely none. Both the JUMBO, and the HIPER LIDER, now only sell LED’s. EASY / SODIMAC – nothing. Blessed are those who stocked up a while back.

I have only two remaining of these:


Down to about 15 frosted 100W and 8 clear 100W. So much for my lifetime supply… I understand there is the industrial category of incandescent bulbs that are supposedly still on the market but I have not researched it yet.

Not many indeed. And how much did you have back in 2015? I didn’t make any advance purchases back then, and still am using what was (is) available, and initially it was (during the first 3 - 4 years) just normal ones selling in small shops, then the so-called “Eco Halogen Bulbs” E27 by either Philips or Westinghouse (tolerable) or by Megabright (terribly short lifetime), but now this is really difficult to find even these.

Got this one.


They sell these for 690 peso each (at a small shop), bought 10, “wholesale”, for 6 mil. They will be out of stock soon… A “no-name” brand. Let’s see if they last…

I originally bought blister packs of GE and Phillips 75W, 100W, frosted and clear can’t remember how many and now have what I posted left. The electrical systems in the three different apartments I’ve lived in since those purchases seem to blow many of them out prematurely.

Appear$ $odimac carrie$ thi$ but for $cheduled pickup or home delivery if you want to take the ri$k:

Also Casa Royal carries this and their site will tell you which stores have stock and how many.

Some time ago I bought several 4-packs at $2.690 each (for this 4-pack box):


At the local Jumbo, dirty cheap, and they had about 20% off. Then they were out of stock for months, but recently I bought 2 more boxes there. And now they are out of stock again. Quite a surprising offer it was.