Former Chilean president Sebastian Pinera dies in helicopter crash

Very sad news.

A decent government administrator and natural disaster leader but terrible violent crisis leader, perhaps because his general in charge when 18-O happened failed him being a happy man and all. The secrets of who burned the Metro and the extent of foreign involvement may now never be known.


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One thing that stands out is how much the left irrationally hated him and openly wished for his demise including the current President. He was actually just another cog of the NWO, Agenda 2030, WEF elite under Chile center-right cover.


His strength really was in managing natural disasters. He definitely seemed to be in his element. I imagine globally he’ll mainly be remembered for the miner rescue.

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Very sad day for Chile. If I had to pick which of the 3 chilean presidents I have lived under…it would be this one by a mile.

Interesting, he was supposedly about to present to the Burric administration a plan on recuperation for the Viña terrorism fires like he and members of his previous administration actively helped the inept Burric administration after a previous disaster (which Burric accepted).

But this would not be the first time that Piñera the pilot had a helicopter emergency. I’m sure he prioritized the safety of his 3 passengers over himself in the lake ditch…

I tried to do a bit of research, and here are the ASN Aviation Safety Database results.

87 occurrences in the database for Robinson R66, 2011 - 2024.

In 2021, from the 86 units sold of the R66 (turbine), 17 occurrences in the database.

If the machine is modern and reliable, it seems that this kind of transport is not the safest way to travel…

Probably alot “cheaper” to buy/reserve one of those deathtraps

The kryptonite of chilean procurement culture…something cheap.

Better off paying for quality or just foregoing it

Some say there was a reason he trusted only himself as the pilot given his “history” and the persons he dealt with in his lifetime (assuming he is dead).