Earthquakes: Turkey and Buffalo, NY

These make me nervous. Earthquakes in
Turkey - Turkey earthquake: Death toll could increase eight-fold, WHO says - BBC News
and now Buffalo, NY - 3.8 magnitude earthquake rattles Buffalo, New York, suburbs - ABC News

An earthquake in Chile under the current circumstances would be nothing short of catastrophic!

Full moon yesterday just like on February 27, 2010.

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An earthquake would be the last thing we need right now!

I am trying to get in touch with an old friend in Turkey with no luck so far. I hope it’s just problems with internet connectivity. I’m not sure exactly where in the country he is right now. He has been doing some traveling to look for work. His family is in an area on the southern coast, not at the epicenter, but I am guessing they felt it pretty strongly.

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We had a Mercalli Grade VI event last Saturday night that barely made the national news. The usual ensuing hysteria caused visitors to abandon La Serena. Ho hum…

I heard from my friend this morning. He didn’t have internet yesterday. He’s at his family’s house about 300 km from the epicenter. It was strong there, but not as bad as other areas. They are all okay, but the aftershocks have them on edge.

The death toll in Turkey and Syria is at 46,000 and counting. I guess that is one positive about Chile. 2010 was much stronger and we had fewer than 1,000 dead/missing. Still, I would not like to experience one under this administration.