Self-Defense? Guilty

Few weeks ago I was walking home from the store, when I opened the gate to our apt. building. There was my Peruvian neighbor with his 50 lb. dog, 100% untrained, which came sprinting over to me and leaping up onto me. I push it off, three times.

I open the door to the building and under my breath I said, “your dog is f’ing stupid.” He follows me into the building and blasted me in the face in the lobby. Totally not expecting it.

All caught on camera, every second of the incident. Fight breaks out, and eventually stops with the concierge breaking it up.

Nose broken, blood everywhere, black eye, doctors appts, potential surgery.

Pacos arrive… 45 minutes later… and review the security camera footage. They see everything. They turn to me and say, “well, you too were punching so you as well are guilty here. We can arrest you both, or leave you both.” They admitted too that it was completely in self-defense, but they did not care. So can I defend myself? No.

A lawsuit against this loser is in motion. But, the story here is, you cannot defend yourself in this country. Justice? LOL; there isn’t any. They are literally defending the criminals. This is not the first time we have been attacked, and the pacos defend the POSs.

This is terrible on several levels!

Where is the justice? I wonder if two native chileans would have had the same paco reaction. Probably still the same asinine ignorant response from them

Wow, that sucks. I’m really sorry. We had a lot of issues with a neighbor where we lived before moving. It never got to that extent, but we were worried it might.

Damn, you attract bad luck like moscas al mojon. Keep us up to date on the injuries and lawsuit.

We should establish a list of vetted doctors and lawyers for the future.

Dogs are sacred animals here, so you have to bow deeply to them, in gratitude. No matter what. Very sad.

Like so many things its not the dogs, its the owners that dont take the dog(s) or courtesy of other people seriously enough to be responsible with the training and discipline of the dog.

It seems like this mentality just takes over with some

“of course everyone loves my dog when they slobber on, claw and knock down other people”

Even after an animal has crossed the line (that no denialist can deny) like with a full on bite…the owner is usually still befuddled and in denial and trying to tell themselves and you, the bitee, why the animal is so sweet and kind and this doesnt usually happen and the bite isnt so bad actually, etc.

Usually? :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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Completely sympathize. The feelings of frustration for the unfairness of the outcome will probably last longer than the effects of the injuries.

Its a pretty common situation though, and its why Chileans prefer to quedarse callado when provoked.

I appreciate the kind words here from all of you. I will surely keep things updated as things progress.

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