Dando la nota alta en EEUU

Unsurprisingly, Chilean “visitors” deported from the US topped the list of nations with Visa Waiver status in 2022.

En la lista de los países que cuentan con la Visa Waiver y que tuvieron mayor número de deportados desde EE.UU. el año pasado se ubican, por debajo de Chile, España con 165, Italia con 102, Reino Unido también con 102 y Alemania con 50.

Its even more of an issue than this report states, as Chile, with its 17M inhabitants, managed to provoke more deportations than the other four countries combined, whose total population of around 200M clearly represents a much greater number of visitors.

I was expecting Chile to lose VWP status but it didn’t. I believe Boric and Co. agreed to follow all Agenda 2030 and other UN and WEF mandates and thus the reapproval.

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Chileans often deliberately ignore the sources of doubtful items, and don’t think twice before acquiring “bargains”, often stolen goods sold well below their true value.

Part of the current crime wave is a result of this dishonest mentality, as large market already exists for thieved items.

Paradoxically, some of the same people who criticize the current state of lawlessness have no qualms in buying stolen goods. They don’t, or won’t, recognize that, as Chileans say, “la culpa no es del chancho, sino del que le da el afrecho” ie, that this attitude only encourages theft.

The usual social excuses of poverty, inequality, and lack of opportunity dont apply, as shown in this example, where members of Chile’s farandula classes are being accused of reselling luxury items stolen abroad. The Rolex watches etc, are shipped back here because there is no lack of potential buyers amongst the well-heeled.

(Extracted from this almost unreadable Tercera page thanks to Firefox reader view)

Babylon-by-the-Mapocho, indeed.

There is a bigger picture. The US has maintained Chile’s Visa Waiver status, in spite of the issues already mentioned, as they see it as an important element in their efforts to combat increasing Chinese influence in Chile.

The Chilean communist party (PC) plays a strong role in his government (ministers, under-secretaries and advisers in more than half the ministries, in the Presidency, Defense, Interior, General Secretary of Government, Finance, Labor, Sciences, Energy, Mining, Education, Justice, Transport and Communications).2 Furthermore, PC ties with the Chinese communist party (CCP) could influence Boric’s stance towards international relations, specifically US-China rivalry. The new government has already ceased to criticize the war in Ukraine. China’s presence in Chile will continue to grow.

China is currently in talks with Chile to gain access to Punta Arenas so it can resupply its Antarctic bases from there.

Contrast that with the government’s recent refusal to allow a Royal Navy frigate to dock in Punta Arenas or Valparaiso…

A US State Department analysis available here only confirms this trend.