Chile Census 2024

Link to find out where they are/will be in your locale:

Interesting things about this one, will ask for full names of all residents even though it is anonymous and there are three additional questions that will be asked if you are an extranjero.

Lots of fear that the this is a perfect guise to use to rob people and more and that the census takers themselves (many from the same pool that participated in and/or supported the 2019 insurgency) may be collecting intel for organized crime and perhaps for the commie government which these days are one and the same.

Q. Que la pregunta número 16 exige entregar los nombres completos de toda la familia, algo que jamás se ha hecho anteriormente, ya que los censos son anónimos.

A. En censos anteriores si se ha consultado por los nombres de quienes pernoctaron en la vivienda. Si bien se consulta los nombres, no se pregunta por el RUT o se toman registros biométricos, por lo que NO es un empadronamiento.

Source: PUNTOS A CONSIDERAR RESPECTO AL CENSO 2024 | Libertad y Desarrollo

So we should be happy — they don’t take our fingerprints…

The US one was historically supposed to be anonymous but that data was used to help locate and roundup Americans of Japanese ancestry back in the early 1940s. Imagine now with today’s computing power and AI even the stuff off the shelf for the current lame ones in charge.

We’re from the government and we’re here to help you, so do trust us.

During the last census my American friends in Punta Arenas suddenly became monolingual English speakers who were merely renting while on vacation, sorry we can’t help you.

Given the abysmally low level of English among disfuncionarios, dealing with an English speaker can give them visible hives.

Anyone know what is the REAL likelihood of paying a multa for refusing to participate?

If they come in the afternoon one can say that he just returned from Santiago (where he stayed overnight) and answered all these questions there, already (in the morning). One doesn’t actually refuses in this case, just politely provides explanation for not participating.

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Apparently around the country there is a lot of opposition to some of the features and practices of this census. And in this article there is reference to a movement of some to “boycott” the census.

Personally I think it’s healthy that this government is being questioned in this manner. Too much is lost when people just roll over and accept all of the shit that this government hands out.

Shock!, Horror! A census taker was shot in the leg with an airgun pellet in Rancagua.

Apparently didn’t even break the skin…

Wonder how the cencistas will fare in Estación Central where there are more Uzis than airguns…

Here is one of the answers from the “Director del INE”. I am a bit lost.

"En principio, respecto a la incertidumbre sobre si los censados deben dar, o no, el nombre completo, comentó que “aspiramos a que nos den el nombre completo, porque nos ayuda mucho (…) Para hacer mucho más fácil la entrevista”.


De igual forma, agregó que no es necesario dar el nombre completo, pero hizo un llamado a la población para que contesten el nombre completo. Asimismo, explicó que “no necesitamos rut”.

Por otro lado, recordó la importancia de contestar de manera correcta y fidedigna las preguntas del Censo 2024. “Nos permite hacer mejores políticas”, dijo."

La mentira del siglo.

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The full census form (it’s real, don’t mind the name I gave it):
Mierda.pdf (532.8 KB)

That’s not a census. That’s an interrogation. Or maybe an inquisition.

It doesn’t surprise me at all. With the way this administration comes out every day to lie and gaslight us, who feels like they can trust what they say about the census or really anything these days?

The census takers were in our neighborhood yesterday. We had gone out to run an errand and saw them on a side street while driving back to the house. They didn’t come to the house. Maybe they passed by when we were away.

Decided to hit this straight on my way so I printed and filled the forms out and waited for the census taker (we were warned the day before they started on the condo and they finally got to me the second day). Wanted to be present and outwardly cooperative so the issue would not drag on and I would hopefully be quickly forgotten.

I wrote “Prefiere no responder” for our names and birthdates.

Was a university aged female who knew English. I just handed over the forms and she stayed at the open door entering the data on her smartphone and when done, she said she put our names down as “Habitante Uno y Dos”.

Easy Peasy.

Here we were finally visited the week of Semana Santa even though they had been around before then. We got an email with the guy’s picture in it from the administration each day. Lots of people in the neighborhood seem to be back to the office these days, so he seemed really happy someone answered the door. I had reviewed the questions in advance, like you. I declined to answer the names/birthdates too and he said it was fine. Relatively painless, and I’m glad its done with.

“… el sistema de recolección de datos se encuentra en un proceso de optimización junto al Banco Mundial {desarrolladores del software} …”

How very nice that The World Bank is providing the census soft…

So the conspiracists may not be far from the truth in regards to this 3 year “early” “census” and its probing woke questions especially regarding gender damn other real pressing econo-social and quality of life needs of the 90+% from this totally bought and sold commie government in near full alignment with the WEF, Agenda 2030, the Great Reset, etc.