Voting effectively

This was mentioned in a previous topic, but worth repeating.

Next Sunday, the voters will elect:

Presidente de Chile
Consejeros Regionales

In the voting booth the hapless voter will be confronted by voting papers, Cédulas as they call them, one for each of the above categories.

To vote effectively, its worthwhile studying the cédulas for your region and electoral district in advance. They are all available HERE.

Select only one candidate per Cédula. Not all party coalitions are present in all regions, so the voter may have to select an acceptable alternative. Or leave a blank.

Faced with radically divergent paths for the future of Chile, this election is vital; its possibly a last chance for many years to maintain Chile’s traditional democracy, imho its that important. So next Sunday, if you are a registered voter, get out and do it!

One more thing:
Just discovered that my voting location has changed since last time. Its very easy to check it - here.

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@feargle I’m going to pin this. Thank you!

Subdomain in this link is different:

I know it’s work sorting through such long lists. After party, I am basing my decisions on checking out who bothered to even post a profile on the below site or setup a website or have a campaign presence on Facebook, Twitter, etc.:

That site made it easy to shorten the list. Why vote for anyone who hardly raised a finger to promote themselves and their campaign?

Thanks for this, eeuu. I started going through the longer list and realized that many did not have a website or other ways to find out more about them. If they can’t be bothered, why vote for them? It’s not like it’s that hard these days.

Yeah, they revamped their webpages after I wrote, thanks for updating.

Also, don’t forget to bring along a Blue ballpoint pen. Why it has to be that colour is anyone’s guess.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find that ballot papers marked with the “wrong” colour are invalid. Another Chilecosa.

Can anyone confirm that as foreigner you cannot be appointed vocal de mesa?

Here’s the official answer:

And here’s mine:
Correct, foreigners cannot be appointed vocales de mesa.

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I agree with most of that. There are so many candidates. I discard about half of them, immediately based on party or coalition affiliation. Then I discard candidates if I can´t find an active twitter account, facebook page, or own website within 5 minutes. Similarly discard if they do have such accounts, but haven´t posted recently. Or if they do have a website, but it´s really unprofessional. Or if they do post, but I don´t agree with what they say. Or it´s really vapid with no substance. By the time I´ve done all that most people are out!

I never got to vote.I steered my wife through the voting, then we dashed off to a College some Km away for my vote. When we got there at 18:02 hrs we encountered a group of furious voters who had been denied entrance; voting stopped at exactly 18:00 hrs.

We had deliberately left voting until late this time, as there was a “fast lane” for Serior Citizens between 17:00 & 18:00 hrs.

A statement from SERVEL said that the polls would remain open as long as there were people wanting to vote.
Much indignation all round; I just sloped off as an official "NO " never changes…

A similar, more extreme event in Valpo:

It sounds like people who showed up after 6, not people who were waiting in line before the tables closed, who should be allowed in since they showed up on time.

I went to vote at around 1:30 pm while my wife was cooking up a meal for my step-daughter, nieto and me and there were no lines except the short wait for the two voter per sala deal. I even beckoned an older lady with a crutch to go ahead (the only other person in line). I waved to my nieto spying me with his toy binocular.

After lunch, wife and I took an Uber to her voting location using the voting discount from Uber. Returned on a micro who deviated from the normal route to transport people to my voting location which is to the side of the condo where we reside.

Holy shitemeister, that has got to be be one of the best political speeches I’ve heard in a long long long time across time, space and cultures. Or I’m just a little buzzed…

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He nailed it.

We usually go around 2:30 or so. In 2 different comunas it has generally been a good time to go, even if they are showing long lines in the TV reports.

This time we headed to my polling place first, way to the north of our municipality. It was well organized and I only had to wait for one person to exit the classroom before it was my turn. What took longest was talking to the vocales who were very surprised that a blonde gringa with an unpronounceable German last name showed up at their table. I have always gotten some curiosity from the vocales, but it was more this time.

We had to then head to the south of our comuna to get to my husband’s polling place. Due to the drive, it was a past the typical lunch hour, so it was a bit busier. Most places had about 2-3 people waiting. I guess it was bad luck that his table had the longest line. 13 people. It took him about 40 minutes.