Burning buses: one every 17 days, on average

News item in La Tercera reviewing the continuing attacks on intracity buses.

Quick and dirty translation of some of that material. Mind you, stripping off some of the fluff for easier reading in English.

"…the cost of the two buses belonging to the Metbus company - is about US$ 210,000 and US$ 320,000), respectively. One provided services for route 513, the other for route J10.

"Patricia Galilea, professor of Transport Engineering at the University of Chile, indicated that the effects of a bus incident are serious…since governments have made large investments to improve the quality of services, to ensure that the machines are equipped with air-conditioning, and also for the quality of the services… ‘’ in operational terms, the burning of a bus is a complex issue, because bus service calls for a certain frequency to run their routes. So if buses are burned and removed from service, it is the users who are ultimately affected because they no longer have a way to get around. Buses is not replaced immediately because they are purchased outside of Chile.

“…this year has seen a minority of high school students opting for this violence as a showpiece of their struggle for demands… that is, through the burning of buses.”

As the pendejos and far left who never worked a real job say : “It’s only material things”.