Birth Tourism in Chile

Hi community,I am glad to be here.
I would love advise about birth tourism in Chile

Recommended Hospital
Recommended location (I hear Santiago is nice)
Recommended agent for documentation
Recommendation on housing etc

This would mean a lot

You hear wrong.

Judging from the pic, I take it you are not directly interested, but who knows these days.

A foreign child born in Chile does not give the foreign parents automatic residency as I remember from the owner of this law firm:



Thanks Alot for your response. I sincerely appreciate it. It takes a lot to read and choose to respond.
However, I am interested in coming over to Chile, hence my asking the question.

I would appreciate more your objective advise on how to make it seemless

Thanks Alot😊

Thanks Alot for the response.

This has been noted however, I believe the child becomes a Chile citizen and if the parents choose to apply for citizenship they can?

Thanks again for your reply.