Any in Chile Mobile California Notary Public that you know of?

US Embassy and their 50 USD charge is booked through early September.

So just had to ask if anyone knows of an in Chile Mobile California Notary Public…

If I remember correctly, notaries public from the State of Virginia can, by Virginia law, notarize docs for anyone, irrespective of their physical location. Acceptance depends, of course, on the institution which requires the notarized document. If there is a Florida civil-law notary physically in Chile (doubtful), that person can also notarize your document and I believe the institution would accept the notarization. Good luck!

Thanks but won’t work. Californication is quite strict on this. Need a real California authorized notary that is equipped to do it in person in this far off land.

Yeah tough nut to crack, especially since it is Cal. A very few states will accept electronic notarizations. Not Cal.

Would it be possible to get it notarized by a Chilean notary and then have it apostilled at your local Justice Department? You might want to check with the people that want your document notarized to see if that is acceptable. The Chilean notary might (or might not) want to have the document in Spanish. You being up north near the Santiago area, the notaries might be ok with a document in English. YMMV