Marriage to a Chilean with Expired Cedula


Is it possible for someone who is in literally years of “en tramite” (between temporary and permanent residency) to get married to a Chilean national? The cedula is expired and Registro Civil is “unable” to renew it until new permanent residency visa is issued, which could be a couple more years. I ask because online the Registro Civil states:


  1. Cédula de identidad vigente y en buen estado.

Does this apply to BOTH parties? If so, does that mean it is literally impossible to get hitched?


Rules are rules, what do you think? Our RC was pretty hard assed about every step.

Residence is not required to get marry in Chile, you only need a valid ID card, your passport is fine if its in good condition Matrimonio civil para extranjeros en Chile

Hiya Tomas, long time no hablamos. From what I read there, as he is a resident, it is not the same as an extranjero sin residencia. Seems like in this case, all present - the Chilean citizen, the resident extranjero and the two witnesses all must have cedulas vigentes.

I honestly have no idea anymore LOL

RC? Q es?

Yes I am trapped between Temp. and Perm. Residence “en tramite.”

Registro Civil. I got married back in 2011 in San Antonio.

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Hi eeuunikkeiexpat, many moons! As long as I know the residence status is not required here, just a document who prove without doubt the identity, the important is that all can be identified without doubts, there are no further requirements. You are rigth anyway, best move is go directly to Registro Civil, and ask at “informaciones”

Hard assed in what way? I went through the process in 2009 at the RC in La Reina and it was pretty straightforward.

They demanded that we have a charla and I a CERTIFIED (for them) translator at the charla and the wedding. Also, the witnesses HAD TO BE citizens or permanent residents of 5 YEARS or more.

All this was dictated via the head of the RC at the time, a dick that ran for public office many years later (I saw his ad on the street). Probably still does have a cush job somewhere as he is on the lefty side of the equation.

I doubt they would have let me go through with it with an expired passport (I was still on a rotating tourist visa at the time) or an expired cedula if I were a resident.


Wow, that does sound excessive. I had permanent residency at the time. The office head talked to me for about 2 minutes, decided my Spanish was good, took the name of our witnesses and scheduled our ceremony.

She later came to my aid when my nationality came through and an employee at the ID counter tried to send me to the Huérfanos foreign resident office to get Chilean ID after my nationality came through.

When you talk of your personal experiences getting married here, are you married to a Chilean citizen?


Is there such thing as immigration lawyers to hire in Santiago to make this process go faster? I was told yesterday, yes… But have zero idea…

Demanding a translator just screams money-grab, nothing more.

Decided your spanish was good in relation to whether or not they should allow you the privilege of getting married in chile? Was that a factor?

My husband is Chilean. I did hire a lawyer for my temporary visa and my permanent residency. My situation was unique, so I wanted to be sure it came out okay. Of course, immigration was much less backed up then. I did my nationality application myself. That was a while ago, so I don’t have the lawyer’s information any more.

Married to a Shiillena. Each RC is probably different so luck of the draw where the marriage takes place.

My ear is trained very well to follow non-slang Chilean Spanish but speaking is where they probably evaluated I was an idiot OR complete money grab as he was a dick at every step.

As if all the married, non-married and extra-marital breeding going on requires no screening at all v$. a $imple civil ceremony that I’m paying for upfront…

It seemed like she just wanted to be sure I would be able to understand the ceremony. She didn’t seem to have any issue with us getting married. It was very low-key.

Ah totally get it. Makes sense


Registro Civil in other words told me to go and kill myself basically and stop calling them and that I’m SOL. They just say it’s all the extranjerías fault for not issuing visas. #LazyPOS

So, without a valid carnet, it ain’t gona’ happen.

I have contacted marriage firms and they told me the above as well to confirm it.

So… does anyone have a contact for an immigration lawyer? Without this, no marriage for probably another two years… I have reached out to one, but no answer yet.