Amazon USA free shipping experiences

Placed 4 orders since the unseen forum went away.

As usual, items split into separate shipments. To San Antonio some DHL, most Chilexpress and the first screwup in a while, the first UPS Chile shipment.

I have heard bad things about them before, somehow they screwed up my street address as being in Antofagasta despite all the other labelling saying Llolleo/San Antonio and them actually putting it on the right delivery truck Santiago to San Antonio which of course was not delivered due to an “illegible address”. This led to a 6 day delay and them handing it over to Chilexpress for delivery (they are partners in Chile) which is good as they have proven to be the most competent after DHL.

For my Amazon orders, the most part DHL has been the best for me. They use Blue Express a sub down here in Region IX. I have had some issues with UPS/Chilexpress. The address I used for my house included the road name along with the KM mark and then my neighborhood name with my parcela number. A number of times because of the use of KM in the address, they some how thought it was DM which is a code for Metro Santiago and it was stuck up there. So I had to track the package down and tell them I was not in Santiago but in Region IX like it was listed in the address. I don’t know but it seemed like they scanned only the front part of the address. Amazon gave me free shipping on a few shipments. And one time a package was lost, but Amazon gave me a full refund. The package was stuck in Santiago, got them to send it down here, and then it was sent back up. And those times I had Chilexpress send the packages to a Chilexpress location that was easy to get to. Once Chilexpress put the wrong name on the package. So when I went to pick it up after I gave them my name, they could not find it. Then they checked on the actually tracking number and found it. So I have been using my friends address to send packages to. And I try to get items that are part of the free shipping offer to Chile. Really saves a lot.

Yes in rural Region IX the Amazon deliveries through DHL/Blue or UPS/Chilexp were all dramatic experiences for me.

I lived more than 60 km inland from Temuco back then, in a bit remote place (camino “sin numero”), and several times had to challenge Chilexp, UPS or DHL through the SERNAC complaints website to have them deliver packages to my door. For them it was a dedicated 2-hour trip. When not successful I had to pick up things in Temuco during my monthly shopping trips.

My current experience was well documented on the nonexistent forum, so there is no need to repeat it, those who have read it understand, and some news is that I am now trying to “full refund” a quite expensive order that has to be delivered tomorrow (but most certainly won’t) and it looks like I can hope for a favorable outcome.

I remember you relating your experiences with the delivery services while you lived in Region IX. That was more than a few years ago, wasn’t it? Yeah if you were off the beaten track then it was difficult for you to get a delivery. I have been at this location for a little more than 5 years now and I am roughly 10miles/16km from Temuco. The only two carriers that consistently were able to deliver to me here were Blue Express and WSP. But then last year WSP stopped delivering up to my area and were only delivering around Temuco. Back when Amazon used DHL for the majority of my deliveries, Blue Express was their sub. But with Amazon now days having some many delivery services (Deprisa, Landmark, etc.), I don’t know who they are going to use. So hence I have been sending Amazon orders to my friend’s house.

The guys who respond Amazon chat are starting to be dishonest, they confirm a refund in hopes to earn good rating from happy customers.

“I’ve issued the refund $… This refund will reflect within 24 hours”

This is the second time in my experience when actually nothing is refunded, and if you inquire once again the next day some “boss” responds that “sorry”, and that the chat guy was “not authorized” to issue refunds.

Fortunately, today I have actually refunded the shipping cost (it was not free) for the item scheduled to arrive today, but that is still stuck in Miami.

Time to read the fine print on their policies. They might have changed the auto or right to request a refund if the original promised delivery date is missed especially for the free shipping orders.

Another successful order, a single, relatively expensive item via Chilexpress. Very very rapid shipping.

Am wondering how they were able to catch and put a 220V water pump in the box in place of the US 120V version. This was an Amazon shipped item sold by another vendor.

Just hope the damn thing (a distiller) works given the number of parts.

Three orders placed last two weeks in december. One shipped DHL arrived , but was delivered by Correos). One package marked delivered by DHL is lost, and another marked delivered by Chilexpress is lost.

I’ve placed about 300 orders since the free shipping deal went into effect, I must be one of Amazon’s top customers in Chile! Chilexpress has been the best, I got refunded with no fuss for maybe a dozen lost, severely delayed, or damaged shipments. Also got some IVA/fee refunds. LOTS of items were no longer available for free shipping when I tried to reorder them.

That said, even if the free shipping thing is limited, our procurement priority list goes roughly like this:

Amazon > Mercado Libre > local ecommerce that knows what they’re doing (Kioskclub, Jumbo Prime) > specialty local ecommerce (fresh produce, imported cheese and delicatessen, wine/beer, meat…) > online multitiendas (Paris, Ripley etc) > avoid Chilean local stores at all costs.

Yeah that is a good procurement priority list! I try to follow along those lines too. I am not at the level of Amazon orders that you are, but I place as many orders from Amazon that have the free shipping as I can. The savings are really good. I really like Kiosk Club, they deliver to me in Temuco. :+1:

Anyone noticed how Estimated Import Fees Deposit can vary week to week?

Like, today I see:

Shipping & Fee Details
Price $199.99
AmazonGlobal Shipping $32.03
Estimated Import Fees Deposit $104.41
Total $336.43

A week ago it was:

Shipping & Fee Details
Price $199.99
AmazonGlobal Shipping $32.03
Estimated Import Fees Deposit (about $63.00)
Total (about $291.00)

For the very same listing, same seller, same price…

Spent an hour on chat with them but they are just stupid. Copying and pasting from their fee deposit help page.

Ok, I give up. 4 chats 4 different reps, they can just quote from the help page.

Amazon customer service is not the same it was 3 - 4 years ago…

Its magic


I think they just make correction – as soon as any of the actually shipped items is going through customs and the invoice they are getting from the carrier is showing the actual customs charge. Usually, this is a newly listed item that can have the fee as low as 20% of the (price + shipping). Chances are this is less than the actual fee. I have never seen the fee goes back to the initial low value. It stays low for some time, than there is a hike from 10%-20% to 50%- 100%. I can provide examples.

Strange, it can go back to low.

For the following item it was more than $300 (crazy) about 3 weeks ago…

< … >

Shipping & Fee Details
Price $599.00
AmazonGlobal Shipping $33.40
Estimated Import Fees Deposit $166.02
Total $798.42

Now it is just usual, about 26%.

I just received a refund of 3,683 pesos for an Amazon order. The e-mail says it was because a reduction in export fees.

Effective today Amazon added back FREE SHIPPING option to quite a number of categories and items. You may want to review your cart.

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