"Pacto Fiscal"=more taxation

If Mario Marcel gets his way, that cheap Chinese stuff is going to get more expensive. And despite his assertion, AliExpress and others don’t allow customers to under-declare values.

Según el jefe de Hacienda, esta exención promueve que se sub facturen las importaciones con el fin de no pagar los pagos de derechos de aduanas ni IVA. “Cerca del 70% de las importaciones de la compra de bienes a través de plataformas digitales, están por debajo de los $41 dólares”, detalló el ministro.

Raising revenues through increased taxation isn’t a bad thing - if government can be trusted to redistribute it honestly and efficiently.

But as we have seen recently, when it comes to State Finances, Boric’s government can’t be trusted.

This ongoing struggle session for this administration raising mo money is really a lesson in getting water from a rock

“Well what if we turn the rock over? Maybe water might come out?”

“Ok ok we make a law that all rocks must emit water once a day unless the rock is smaller than a basketball!”

“Ok suppose we post a fox next to a rock. Maybe water will come out”

This all so tiresome.

The answer to prosperity in this country is to cut taxes of most kinds. Repeal most taxes.

There are people and corporations scanning the world for a place to live and work that has low and simple taxes.

But none of the countries in NAmerica or Samerica or europe can get out of their own way to let the floodgates of capital roll in. No just high and rising taxes for dumb and dumber spending.

Nope…just this ongoing scarcity mentality struggle session that goes nowhere and just seeks to wrench a few more pesos out of anyone and everything they can so they can immediatley turn around and piss it away in this vicious cycle of fail.

This will possibly totally trash the ability to get supplements from Vitacost, iHerb, etc. as all these usually under $41 packages that fly through 90% of the time will now be held for tax and be second questioned for the contents.

Sigh…well at least there is still the mule business to get stuff brought in like that. Dangerous stuff like vitamins and amino acids.

Customs: Show me a prescription for this vitamin?!?
Me: Uh thats impossible…drs dont write vitamin prescriptions
Customs: oh so sad for you. Return to sender bahahahhahaa!!!

I wonder how much money will actually be made from this. The taxes per package are likely to be very low and they’ll have to hire a bunch more employees to check packages and collect the tax.

The idiots running the government think all is Amazon and Alibaba Express and that they can probably twist Alibaba Express’ arm to start auto charging in advance like Amazon whereas there are a zillion other mail order operations that will not do this. So they would have to just pass on many of the packages for tax payment on receipt believing the stated value from the vendor or review more closely all those under $41 packages that previously were given hardly any review. More job openings I guess for Aduanas, SAG and possibly Seremi Salud/ISP to hold that loved power over the people.