A merciless post electoral analysis by Sebastián Edwards

In this article, economist Sebastian Edwards offers his thoughts on what will happen after the elections. Most analysts that are not obvious propagandists cautiously refuse to speculate, so this piece is quite unique.

In synthesis, he states that neither outcome will be good, and that those who fondly dream of a return to better times are going to get a rude awakening:

“…Va a quedar la escoba, pase lo que pase…”

He thinks that the sh**s going to hit the fan whatever the result of Sunday’s elections. I just hope he’s mistaken.

Thanks for that. Sombering and worrisome. The debate between Daza and Pardow was the one I mentioned in another thread. Well worth watcing.

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This might be the silver lining. But, I’m glad we have well-prepared economists like Daza that have their feet on the ground.