A dog chip in her stomach

“…A resident of Central Station went to a health center for abdominal pain, where they confirmed that there was a dog chip in her stomach. The device reached her body after she consumed an anticucho on the street, a fact for which a councilor from the commune called not to buy these products…”

“una vecina que consumió…”

True or false? What is the chip number? What is the hospital name?..


I am thinking the same. I have chipped my pets and those things are tiny. It is hard to imagine that it would cause digestive problems. Also, if it were a street dog, it wouldn’t even have a chip.

I have always wondered, though, what is the meat they use for those anticuchos. In Linderos, near here, they are always grilling stuff for sale out on the street. I haven’t given them a try.

So just the war against street vendors continues by means of fake reports?

This does seem to fail the sniff test. Pun intended

Suspicious or unusual at least that a councillor is second hand reporting this about a neighbor. For all we know the neighbor just made up a frivolous lie to mesmerize the councillor or just for why she didnt return the Tupperware or just for fun or just for no reason at all.

A chip the size of the grain of rice that cause her feel ill? That would pass through the body I would think.
How did they find it? Did they pump her stomach and then sift through for the grain of rice?
You are telling me they didnt just give her some aspirine and to call them in the morning?

No this neighbor got the sherlock holmes of doctors in Chile with a work ethic that would make a robohamster jealous.

Totally makes sense. Nothing unusual here. Def not a street vendor/street food hatchet job

No need for scary reporting if one is anti-street food vendor.

I remember the sole time I bought some delicious street fried Peruvian chicken in Estación Central (from real Peruvians) while staying at the Turbus hotel for my bus and flight out to visit the States the next day. Did not have much choice as the Lider was already closed and many other eateries also closeed

In hours, got a bout of diarrhea. Thankfully, I had potent anti-diarrhea and Pepto Bismo pills in my travel kit which kept it sufficiently under control till I reached my destination.