Woman dies after being attacked by pack of dogs in Valparaíso

Attacked, killed, with some limbs eaten… Typical Valpar

I asked some Chilean friends (3 of them) what they thought of this, and each one said the same thing: “No es culpa de los perros.”


Why do cats never get reported eating a ladies arm suddenly?

Same thing happened a few years ago in La Serena, to a vago living under a bridge. That was a pack of wild dogs, so there was no “owner” to “hold responsible”.

In this new, mushy buenismo thinking, the term “owner” isn’t correct any more, neither is “blaming” animals (or persons) for their actions. They need “re-educating” instead, even man-eating dogs. Bizarre.

And another dog problem:

And in an afterthought, even the term vago is wrong. Now its persona en situación de calle.

I live on a cerro and have four different routes downtown (takes about 15 minutes), I select my route depending on the current minimal number of dogs.

This is a nice view from my route #2.