2023 - VAT due on any "services" provided. To pay for UBI/PGU

There is a new VAT tax for any services offered or sold.

It looks like anyone providing any kind of “service” to anyone or anything needs to pay 19% VAT starting in 2023

Exceptions are medical/schooling services and passenger transport…or if the person providing the services forms a “Professional Society”

Pretty shocked at the cash grab…to what? Fund UBI

Hmm…more of the same. Tax and spend and where there isnt enough money for pie in the ski commietopia…mas tax and spend.

Wondering if anyone here is impacted by this incredibly wonderful news?

Had a haircut lately? See the increase in prices of delivery services? Gasfiteria? All passed directly to the client along with other new taxes and inflation.

From what I have read, this legislation was actually signed by Piñera towards the end of his term. I was worried I might have to pay because I issue boletas de honorarios, but my husband did some research and it doesn’t affect people in my situation, fortunately.

Havent paid a person for a haircut since germ town. Bought a flowbee…just kidding.

Seriously i attributed all the price increases to boricflation but yeah i am feeling sheepish realising a lot is this iva services thing.

Honestly a bit dizzy from all this multi-angle cash grabbing
It has been hard to keep up : /

Anyone want to guess how much this culture of “evade” will evolve into a culture of super-evasion of taxes?

An interview with an economist I saw recently posed the question, “why aren’t taxes increased on the highest incomes?”

The lady economist wryly answered, “because parliamentarians are amongst the highest earners and they would be affected.”

Taxes are for little people.

Its funny when the presumption is “increased taxes are needed”…so all we care about is that the “right people” get the increases

As an alternative suppose the presumption was that “decreased taxes are needed”.

Instead of “tax and spend” it should be “tax less and save”

But that would require traditional leadership.

And only Argentina has a shot at it with the blessed Javier M. Everyone else is too broken, distracted, indoctrinated, and dying to do anything else but what has always not worked.