Wise Reduces Chile Fees to 2%

Wise (formerly Transferwise) has dropped the fees

“Thanks to a new partnership, we dropped the fees when you send money to Chile.”
Source: Mission Update Q3 2022 - Wise - Wise

I have already sent transfers at the new rates this month.

The fees are currently about 1.7%-2.2%. It varies slightly within that range depending on the other currency, the amount, and the payment method. At this stage, I would recommend Wise again given the reduction. I have had a good service with Wise. >90% of the transfers arrived seamlessly within days. (I did have two a couple of years back where they took a week or two to arrive due to extra checks, and the communication was fairly poor.)

That is an improvement on their rates of 3% or so recently.

In other news, I used a non Banco de Estado ATM last week for the first time in years, with a foreign card, and it charged me 8,500 (I think it was a Banco de Chile ATM, but it was a petrol station). That is even worse than the 5,000 or 6,000 they were charging a few years ago.

The other thing I’m getting a lot this year is little charges of 1000 or 2000 pesos extra in the store for using my Halifax Clarity credit card which I never used to get. Sometimes these extra charges (which I have to approve when paying) are added on, and sometimes they are not. I can’t work out yet what is the logic here (if any) about why they sometimes charge and sometimes don’t. Anyone else seeing this charges?