Jan 2024, reports of on and off problems with foreign cards and Chile ATMs

From reports on TripAdvisor and other sources. Seems to be Visa debit cards but let’s figure this out.

If you run into ATM problems that you haven’t had before or in a long long while, please specify:

• Country of issue and issuing bank
• Visa or MC
• Plus (usually associated with Visa but not aways) or Cirrus (usually associated with MC but not aways)
• ATM bank and location
• day of the week and time
• error code(s) if any
• any other pertinent detail

I had issues with my newly minted Schwab Visa debit card (thank you Schwab for buying out TD Waterhouse) on a number of BancoEstado ATMs but then a few days later, no issue at all on one of the same machines it failed previously. Then the TA reports start trickling in and other reports so it just wasn’t only me and it appears it is sporadic so the next time I try my new card, it may not work again.

Maybe, like Chileans, who never say “NO” but will tell you various stories and will be very creative at that, the BE ATMs behave in similar manners.

When an ATM has not enough 20.ooo notes to satisfy your desire to withdraw the maximum amount allowed, all sorts of excuses are displayed on the screen, there are various sorts of failures, rejections (including “by your bank”), and other error messages.

Yet, try the very same machine shortly after the BRINKS truck leaves, and it was just refilled…