US Townhall: Is anyone going to this?

The Krispy Kreme… I… have no comment… Anyone going to this?

The last and only embassy event I ever went to was July 4, 2001. There is a reason I never went to another one again and also NEVER celebrated a THANKSgiving holiday in my years in Chile.

But as I am in the States for unforseen family reasons, I finally did splurge on a Ralph’s Prime Rib TG meal.

Not bad actually.

Hail the Empiire!

And the Trader Joe’s sourdough bread, and their extremely fresh Mexican grown organic lettuce, triple washed in a bag for 2.99.

Chile inflation is insane.

Vote A Favor y corta la wea de 17OCT por favor…

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I hadn’t heard of this. Is it an email you received? I’ll pass. Even if I were interested, getting from Buin to Vitacura and back at that time sounds miserable.


Yes, I got the email on Monday. Buin to Vitacura does sound horrible and a good enough reason to skip it for sure.

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The first time our car needed service after moving here, my husband had the not-so-bright idea of taking it to the VW/Porsche in La Dehesa like he did when we lived in La Reina. Getting back home took forever. It turns out that the service center in Rancagua was a much better option. Although, these days, we’ve finally found a good mechanic here in town, so we no longer have to go to Rancagua either.

Are you going?