US Ambassador Residence

I have searched high and low for a couple of answers, to no avail:

  1. Where does our US ambassador live in the city? A designated spot?
  2. Do we have Marines stationed there? If not, who is guarding the joint?

I hope someone here knows. I am pretty curious.


You know, I have never seen Marine guards at the embassy unless they are actually there but hidden or in intentional low key dress and armament.

Hail the Empire!

About 20 years ago, when going skiing with a Chilean friend, he pointed to a house on the way up and claimed it was a US Marines training station. On the way to Farellones.
In connection with 18O, a video was circulating of some flaites trying to rob a US diplomat car in a Copec in Vitacura. Very quick action from the suited bodyguards, resulted in 3-4 flaites dropped.
No idea if video was true and if the bodyguards were US officials, but that was the story at the time.

The world would be lost with it.