Urban firestarting

The latest urban fires in Viña/Valpo area, which have claimed more than 100 victims are now confirmed to have been started intentionally.

It’s hard to understand the motivations of fire starters, especially since those fires mainly affected the poor, and the underclass of immigrants that live in Campamentos. But there does seem to be a lot of haters and nutcases active in this country.

In the usual demonstrations of buenismo the government has announced aid to allow homes to be rebuilt. The problem is that many were informally built in terrenos tomados, in areas that are unsuited for housing.

They will be rebuilt in the same places, using the same materials that allowed them to burn down so quickly, and since there is no municipal responsibility to maintain these areas rubbish and vegetation-free its certain that these events will keep on happening, either provoked intentionally by sickos, or through sheer carelessness. Firefighting is seriously hampered in this unplanned urban sprawl as there are no decent access roads.

Since forcing the inhabitants to leave these sites (that they got for free by simply taking them) would be unpopular, the present situation will continue indefinitely, with fires in the hot dry weather, and mudslides in the rainy winter season.

Not forgetting the South, where intentionally set forest fires have also occurred this summer.

Here’s Maximo saying the same thing more succinctly:

Las razones son las que he explicado, tomas de terreno y construcción de casas de madera entre quebradas repletas de pasto seco y basurales, esperando al pirómano, terrorista o luchador social de turno. Me lo decía mi padre que llegó a Valparaíso en 1951, y se los digo yo que lo viví todos los veranos…

The Guardian putting the blame on the “Climate Crisis”. This sort of kneejerk response is so typical of the “woke” media these days.

“…But Cordero says the principal cause of the deadly wildfires is extreme weather and that, as the climate crisis worsens, Chile must prepare itself for more events like this. “Fires in Chile are not only increasing in size, they are killing more and more people,” he says…”

Its not just eucalyptus plantations.
Or Arsonists.
Or governments that tolerate land theft in high-risk areas.
Or the accumulation of dry vegetation and rubbish in quebradas.
Or a population that has no regard for the environment.

Its all of them.
Blaming “Climate Change” only shows how ignorant and biased some so-called “reporters” are.

A bit of reporting on some of the arsonists and the demi-arsonists burning trash illegally and irresponsibly.

But yes, the normal ignorance of the politically correct journalist pack is rather disappointing. Though we should expect nothing less from this Toy Country.

All of this reminds us of the report last year that nearly half of the wildfires are believed to be the work of arson

The self-destructive nature of the country is again on display.