U.S. Tourist Visa for Chilean

Hello0o0o0o0o everyone again

Seeing how Ssshile is doing — literally — everything in their power to ruin, everything. They WILL eventually lose their Visa Waiver status with the U.S.

I am helping with an application, and it is time to upload a photo. However, after around 30 different pictures, the same “error” continues to show: Illumination appears to be poor

This is laughable inaccurate, as these photos are perfectly taken. I have done dark, light, left, right, hair, no hair, everything. Nothing is good enough. Does anyone have ANY idea how to upload a photo properly? It is mindnumbingly annoying. Of course, the U.S. embassy is too worried about flying gay-assed flags and Ukraine bullshit outside the building vs. actually, you know, doing their job and assisting Americans. Their suggestion is, “get a professional to do it.” LOL… how shallow of them, but not surprising.


I had no issue with doing my own photo when renewing my US passport back in 2017. How is the background?

“Use a white or off-white background without shadows, texture, or lines.”

Background is a white wall with good illumination.
Could the “illumination problem,” actually be something more hidden in the file data itself that they do not specify by chance?

Image Resolution?
Have you tried reducing to something internet-friendly like 1024x768?

I use IrfanView. Its good and free…