The site is not working in FireFox

(FF 116.0.3, Linux)

This is displayed, starting from yesterday:

Posting from Chromium.

Thank you. Looking into it. The site is sitting behind cloudflare now.

These past weeks FF is periodically having troubles, especially when everybody updates their websites often, and at the same time FF itself updates, sometimes more often than these sites. The incompatibilities are usually related to JavaScript handling: like, the focus to the button broken (BancoEstado), unable to paste text into WhatsApp web, these kind of things… Sometimes these bugs are fixed on the next FF release, and sometimes on the next update of the problematic website. Scripting was way more pleasant thing back in the mid-1990s…

Wasn’t working in Firefox or Chrome (not Chromium) until quite recently.
Now its working in Chrome, but not in Firefox.
Script errors.

Thank you all for your patience. I’ve disabled the original template, rebuild it, and rolled back a few changes in the CDN. This should be the final version of the site as far as layout. The site will not go down we have backups just in case.

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MuchĂ­simas Gracias al chalksquire el fundador de este foro for the tech maintenance. I am only the name to take the hits for those who do not like what is posted here.

Free speech policy remains. I have not deleted or modified any posts (other than mine) as of this moment in time…


Thank you for the hard work!

Appreciate your efforts, but still isnt working in FF. I can see the problem, but don’t know enough about JavaScript to offer any help…

This is from the latest Firefox 115.2 I tried an older version, 112, same thing.

And now its working again. Appreciate the effort, as I know how difficult it can be to fix this sort of problem. Thanks again.