The Ronald Ojeda assasination

Although the assassination of Ronald Ojeda in Santiago, apparently by Venezuelan sicarios, generated great indignation here just a few weeks ago, it has already been eclipsed by more recent brutalities.

It turns out that Ojeda, who had been granted political asylum here in 2018, continued to be involved in attempts to overthrow the Venezuelan government. He had secretly left Chile for reunions with his co-conspirators in Colombia in a failed attempt to bring down the Maduro regime, and it appears that his assassination, together with that of other conspirators, was carried out in retaliation.

Without condoning the actions of the corrupt Maduro dictatorship, even the so-called democracies don’t tolerate threats to their existence. And while black jails exist to deal with this type of activity, I think that it was found more expedient to eliminate this particular problem at source.

The Boric government contains elements sympathetic to Venezuela, notably the Chilean Communist party as well as Socialist politicians, so Chile’s response has been lukewarm at best.

And finally, the nonexistent Chilean border controls (dismantled by Bachelet) allowed Ojeda to slip in and out the country undetected and for his assasins to come and go with impunity.