Roadside steakhouse chain on Ruta 5 sur

Hi everyone. I remember on Ruta 5, going south from Santiago, maybe between San Fernando and Curico? there was a steakhouse (parilla) that appeared to be part of a major chain. A large wooden structure with a huge dining room and lots of parking. Their menu had a lot of meat but some fish. We are travelling on Ruta 5 and I would like to stop at this restaurant. I remember seeing at least two on the drive from Parral to Santiago, Does anyone know the name of this restaurant/chain and or location?

Could it be this one?

That’s it!!! Thanks gringalais. The website link doesn’t work for me, perhaps because I am not in Chile? Excellent, you found it !!!

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Funny, gringalais, I can find only two on Trip Advisor and Google maps, one in Santiago and one near Talca. I was certain there was one on Ruta 5 between San Fernando and Curico. Maybe it closed?

According to the website:

Ubicados en la Región del Maule, al sur de la ciudad de Talca en ambos costados de la Ruta 5 Sur

No mention of any restaurant in Santiago.

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You’re welcome!

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It’s definitely possible, especially since restaurants were hard hit by the pandemic.

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thanks eeuu, on Trip Advisor they mention one in or near Santiago.

there are two of this restaurant immediately south of Talca, one on the left side and another on the right side of Ruta 5.

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maybe this: Los Buenos Muchachos -

Hi t-robo, was hoping for one within 10 kms south of San fernando, will check out the link you shared. Thanks