Non-fortified with iron pasta

OK, let’'s start a list.

For those who do not know, iron overload is a problem that older males and then females after the beginning of menopause face. In fact, many supposedly old-age issues may be linked to iron overload as iron is added by regulation or law in nearly all wheat flour and thus their downstream products.

So when buying pasta in Chile, there are few options that are non-fortified with iron.

I buy Trattoria for egg based pasta or Lider Seleccion pasta (all trigo) as they are supposedly not fortified.

All, please add to the list or point out if my choices are bad for some reason.

Genuine (not fake, but original, imported) Italian brands.

la molisana jumbo - Google Search

They use their own wheat brands, they in EU are not required by law to fortify (though this will not last forever).

This one (various caliber) Jumbo stores periodically have in stock:

Yes the Italian origin thingy is an important factor as the Lider Seleccion pasta is imported from Italy.