Highway robbery

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A few years ago I received a notice from Autopisto Vespucio Norte that my vehicle had incurred toll fees that were unpaid. Since the vehicle had never been in Santiago, I did not know why they were contacting me. They said the only way to regulate the problem was to appear in person in Santiago at their office. Santiago is 5 hours away by bus, but their emails became more threatening and I finally went to Santiago to their office. They agreed that the photo they had was not my license plate and cancelled the charge. They did not apologize, they did not reimburse me for the travel expenses or my time. Someone told me people doctor their license plates to change the numbers/letters and this happens often.

Now it is happening again. I have not been in Chile since 2020 and my vehicle has not been out of my small community in the seventh region since 2020. I have tried to respond by email but they do not respond. Now they have handed my case over to a collection agency. I am feeling harassed, and it feels as if I am being extorted. There is a number to call but I cannot call from Canada without buying a long distance app.

What can I do to stop this continual harassment/extortion without incurring costs?

You can use Skype and call for a few cents. It is what I do when I need to call a landline abroad.

Sorry that is happening, but, also not surprising…

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You could also try entering a complaint with SERNAC. It doesn’t always get results, but it has for me in many cases. You will need to request a Clave Única if you don’t have one already.

Sernac Complaints

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Let me know if you need any help if you decide to put in a SERNAC complaint.

Thanks gringolais, right now just trying to get through to a human at their comapny, they never answer the phone or emails, just keep sending threatening emails.