Movistar. Potential Fraud?

Been trying to sign up for Movistar home internet for: 4 MONTHS

They are asking me for my carnet, work contract, and clave unica because I am a, “foreigner.” I am a permanent resident. This smells like fraud all over it; especially with the clave unica request. Thoughts?

I just asked my husband. He said it sounds very sketchy that they want your Clave Única. Your Clave Única is only for your personal use. There’s no way they would need it to open up an internet account. I’ve had various internet services over the years. None has asked to see a work contract.

You have a good nose.

Just wondering, do they have a Colombian or Venezuelan accent?

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These days I pretty much feel like anything is a fraud or scam until proven otherwise. I ordered some patio furniture for my plants from a small business in Pirque. One of the owners called me to let me know when they were delivering it. I was sort of standoffish when I answered because I didn’t recognize the number. I felt bad afterwards, but these days it seems like 95% of calls or texts are scammy. I’m constantly blocking numbers. She and her husband came to drop off my order and they turned out to be very nice!

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Yes. They too were foreigners. 100% a caribeña.

You may have more luck applying in person at a Movistar office. As to the Caribbean bit, all these companies now use Call Centres located in countries where personnel are cheaper and more motivated than their Chilean counterparts.

I put an IVR, that’s the “press 1 for sales” type of message on our PBX Cell line, and that seems to have confused the scammers.

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