Miami Airport: Chileans vs. French & Swiss

Was going through Miami airport recently, getting back here. I noticed the differences between how Chileans board planes vs. how the French and Swiss board theirs.

The Euros were quiet, organized, calm.
Chileans on the other hand, pushy, crowded, disorganized, chaotic.

Hope the pix uploaded correctly here. I laughed and found it interesting.

EDIT: first pic euros, second the chilebeans.

Isnt the euro pic for the high falutin priority boarders rolling higher priced tickets whereas the chile pic was the general boarding po folk line? :grinning:

Another factor may be there are less french and swiss overall boading a plane in Miami period
Whereas there are a ton of Chilean residents in Miami trying to get back to Chile cause its the shortest/cost effective flight path from US

I’ve actually seen more order of Chileans boarding at SCL than MIA.

On my last trip a couple of months ago, my fellow countrymen also caused unnecessary congestion blocking the roped queue to the jetway while specific boarding groups were clearly called. But AA was pretty good about not letting any queue jumpers through.