SUPERLATIVE SERVICE Airport Rides and other services

Superlative service is such a rarity here in Chile. One of the most common complaints from expats is the abysmal lack of good quality customer service. Why not acknowledge that rare pearl, superlative service, when we encounter it?

AIRPORT RIDE Gonzalo is the ultimate professional. When you arrive in Chile, half asleep from the overnight flight, he will greet you at the gate with a smile and whisk you off to your destination with expertise and snacks (or fruit, just mention your preference) He made the arrival process seamless and enjoyable for my 93 year old mother and me. Whether you need a ride from the airport to downtown Santiago, or to Concepcion, whether you have 15 pets, passengers with disabilities or multi-stop destinations, Gonzalo will deliver with professional perfectionism. I highly recommend Gonzalo. Limousine quality service at an affordable price.

looks like this will be a VERY short list

Thanks, we may use him if our primary transport contact is not available when I make my already many years delayed trip back to the States when I come back with three suitcases and don’t want to bother with the airport bus, Terminal Alameda and Uber when I arrive in San Antonio.

Most here probably have local contacts for similar transport situations that may not be as wide area ranging as Gonzalo.

eeuu I think you will be impressed! And his driving is impeccable. Reserve as much in advance as possible,. He did not accept a deposit and that had me a bit worried but he lived up to his impeccable reputation. Found him on a less interesting expat page. :wink: