Low SAR smart phones

Everytime we have to buy a new phone it takes a lot of work to find legit low SAR phones. We of course want as little EMF as possible. Almost all the websites out there promoting low sar phones are inaccurate or misleading at best. They wont realize there are multiple flavors of the same phone with different factors. This alone can mean one unwittingly buys a high SAR phone thinking they bought a low SAR phone

Another factor is most sites think there is just 1 or 2 sar values. Yet there are more than 6 and two different context systems. Head versus body versus simultran versus hotspot versus phablet versus US and EU. More have been added

Further complicated by values not being measured so comparing phones even in the same family and release year is challenging at best

Another is that often older phones…very old phones will be lauded as lowest sar like a Galaxy Note 2 but who can deal with 3g at best? Or a 2mp camera? Or unsupported apps on super old android ?

If you are willing to not use the phone as a serious camera and not as an internet content consumption device (phablet) then you can get a Midita pure phone. Its a good option for some

This latest review cycle was triggered by my wifes phone getting damaged. Last done in 2018

Make a long story short. This is the phone I am currently recommending for lowest SAR overall.
Samsung Galaxy A72.
It has 3.5mm headphone jack (get ferrite bead equipped earbuds too), lowest sar of currently available Galaxy phones and available inside of Chile now. No need to normalize it as a result of import with local carriers.

Has a serious set of cameras >48MP. Has microSD expansion option. Is water resistant. This is important in Chile as kitchens can get pretty humid here (phone for recipes, chatting while cooking)… in fact this is likely what killed my wifes A80.
The A72 is a big improvement over the A80 in terms of resilience, features, and SAR measurements. Albeit there is no phablet value for the A72…I think it can be inferred that it is going to be lower than the A80. Most phone phablet SAR values are nearly 4!!! So looking at just the Head US SAR and then using the phone as phablet most of the time to consume internet content (sitting on couch or in car holdig the phone in front of you) you are really getting a lot more absorption into your flesh

If you dont care about the camera as much and need the Note S-pen handwriting features go with a Note 10 Lite (not any Note 10…only the Lite version). Wildly different SAR values for even slight SKU variations within even the same “Note 10” group

Lastly know that using wifi puts out more EMF than 4g cellular in general. Also dont necessarily rule out 5g phones. All of them can fully disable 5g that are Galaxy based and only use 4gLTE. Use speaker phone as much as possible. Leave Bluetooth and location off unless in active use in general. Try not to use your phone as phablet. Rather choose to consume internet content at a real computer. Lots of other benefits cognitivley to doing this

Also note I dont just go to 1 site like below. There are many sites that must be taken into account including the FCC disclosure site. Sometimes the sites have contradicting info because US and EU are conflated. Are only Head is shown. The below was just convenient to show the three in comparison