Keep Calling - Cheap International Calls from a Chilean Phone

I did a quick online search and looks like probably a legit company with no bad reputation as far as I could see.

I am using it to replace Skype to Go which is ending.

Go here to buy credit Buy prepaid credit for international calls |

They will email you a PIN

Then you select the local Chile access numbers shown here: United States access numbers for calls abroad | and call and enter the PIN and after that dial the international number you want to call

Takes minutes to setup

When you dial in it tells you your remaining credit. After you dial the number, and before the call starts, it tells you how many minutes you have on your current credit

About 1p/1 cent a minute to major destinations like UK/US

Some of you will prefer to just use whatsapp calls or Skype but this is a good option if you prefer to use landline, or if you have business needs and can´t afford to rely on your internet connection

I have used the service just to verify it works, but I might update later when I have enough experience to rate the audio quality, reliability etc

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So is this different from how one may use Skype to call US phone numbers from a skype enabled computer or phone here?

Is the difference with “skype togo” is you can use your Chilean phone to call a chilean local number and then get patched to an international landline?

Have you tried using skype on your phone with just data and a skype calling plan to call international landlines on your local phone? Does that not work becasue it requires data versus voice only?

This service is very similar to Skype to Go. Both Skype to Go and Keep Calling work by calling a landline number and then entering a code and then dialling an international number from a phone. However Skype to Go is now being discontinued.

The difference with Skype is that you normally use that from your computer.

I have used Skype on my mobile phone occasionally as well. With that, you can make international calls from your mobile cheaply as long as you have internet connection (either wifi or network). I didn´t try that a lot and have fell out of the habit of using it, but it works.

I have now used Keep Calling a number of times over a couple of months and it always works fine with good quality audio and the cost is low.

I may have spoke too soon to recommend this service. Fairly often it just doesn’t work. When you input the number, it says “please input the number”. I think it may be business numbers like +44 33 numbers where it doesn’t work as often, if I remember right.

At first, it worked 100% of the time. Now, it’s probably 50/50.

That being said, you are not risking much time or investment by trying it out, there is no contract, so by all means give it a go.

From a Chilean cell phone:

  • If you have no wifi connection.
  • If for some reason, you have no Internet access via your Chile provider (no SOS credit or ability to recharge and buy a bolsa and you need to make that international call).

You can dial the AT&T Chile access number and make a collect or credit card paid international call


Works on a Chile landline as well.