English-speaking urologist in Santiago

Subject speaks for itself.

I remember there being a thread about this on AllChile but that’s gone now so if anyone can help me, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

The only answer I could offer you and due to the circumstances would be to hold on to your phone and using the translator be able to communicate with the doctor. Several professionals are able to speak basic english. Once they feel comfortable with you, the language barrier disappears like magic.

You actually have a good shot at success with doctors and english. Doctors even in chile have to learn english for medical education. I dont mean legally needed, of course aspiring doctors in chile can do it with only spanish…but they are just getting by and likely unaware of cutting edge medical research in other parts of the world that is only available in english. If there is any occupation here that more often than not can speak english its doctors

Its also a good filter. If a doctor here cant converse effectively with you in english then move on. Its probably a harbinger of how seriously serious they tske themselves, their occupation, and you thier patient. The next one will. I would be highly suspicious of a doctor here that cant or wont speak english well…especislly if it really matters like urology or gynecology or oncology.

Its not language elitism, its just reality of world medical study and research norms.

As far as a reference, i cant help for The City…but start with private clinics.

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Gloria?!? Is it really you?

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: yes, it´s me.

Clinica Alamana and Clinica Las Condes in Santiago have “international clinics”. They have specialists that speak English. You can look up a specialist and if you look for more information on the specialists page they indicate the languages spoken.