Chile retrocede

Chile seems to have joined the list of blacklisted postal destinations. The reasons? Take your pick from the following:

" Where don’t we ship?

We will not ship to the following countries, either due to trade restrictions, high levels of fraudulent activity or recalcitrant postal systems: Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Sudan, Brazil, Morocco, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Vietnam, Chile, Tunisia…"

Fraudulent activity and recalcitrant postal systems check out for South Africa.

Chile ticks the boxes for high levels of fraudulent activity or recalcitrant postal systems. I’m happy the fraud and recalcitrance is finally having repercussions. I’m still angry about Correos de Chile fraudulently claiming to have delivered a package I sent to my son 2.5 years ago (reception signed off by a Correos employee), refusing to investigate, losing the reports filed online, ignoring the legal steps I tried to initiate with Zandra, and not offering even the minimum compensation they’re obliged to.

Trouble is that it only affects us, the end-users. As a quasi-state organization, they don’t give a hoot about quality of service.