Check The Time Today

Originally the time was scheduled to change today.

However they changed their mind quite late so that the time change is now next week.

However, about half of our devices wrongly went forward an hour (including my laptop and an iphone, but other iphones were OK) and half didn’t.

So check your devices.

This can´t make you late for voting since the wrong time changes are going in the other direction, it is more about getting it right for Monday.

Thanks, Mendoza.

This caught me out until I read that.

Chile is one of the few countries where the DST transition days are not fixed. Instead, the government tinkers with them on a year-by-year basis according to its whims, which makes the globally-conventional options, as shown above, pointless, or wrong.

This time, the already agreed date was put back by a week as the government feared that it would have affected voting.

Bachelet set up a commission to determine a national time policy. It couldn’t find any important reason to favour either option, (DST/ no DST), so in the end nothing happened.

Just another example of the way this country is run.

My computer and electronics run on ART, Buenos Aires time, all the year round to avoid manually changing the internal clocks on literally dozens of devices.

I use Buenos Aires during the summer and switch to UTC+4 in the winter. I only have like 4 or 5 devices though. :slight_smile: