Blocked clave unica that wont reset

My wife has a clave unica that has been blocked. The website instructions say that a block can be removed with the reset/recuperar procedure with an email, but when trying to reset it it just says user blocked (usuario bloqueado) as soon as entering the RUN

Has this happened to anyone else? How to get it unblocked? It has an alternarive procedure to go somewhere in person if you dont have email to do the reset but we do have email and this seems pretty crazy to just block peoples clave unica and then the procedure to fix it with email is broken. Really don’t want to have to go in physically somewhere if dont have to

This is Shiiile, website may be temporarily broken especially after a weekend, try again later or tomorrow.

My Clave Unica has blocked itself twice over the last couple of years for no reason. Both times I was able to unblock it via email.
Could this be the mechanism they use to force users to periodically update their passwords?